About us

Om international School is educational institution managed by the Shri Hariprasad Education Society. It was established in 2009 for boys & girls. Mr. B.M Patidar is the founder member and Mr. Ajay Patidaris the founder Principal. Mr. SureshPatidar, is the Chairman of this prestigious institution, which has been growing and developing gradually year after year without and donation or grants. The school has withstood the test of time n each student is a pillar of this institution. It is well known for its excellence in discipline, quality education, training of body and mind as well as moral education an leadership.

The Motto
The School holds out the motto "All's well when done well"; in all curricular, co-curricular as well as extra-curricular activities. This meaningful motto inspires the staff and students to foresee and plan, to inculcate confidence and strength, to bring out excellence and perfection so as to reach their goals by committing fully to the entrusted responsibilities.

Aims & Objectives
Education is not merely the development of mind. It aims at developing and training various life skills that include biological, psychological, spiritual and social developments.
Om international School  is an outstanding institution and aims at Perfection: Perfection is the key-word leading to excellence and success of Co-ed School. To achieve this, the sense of responsibility, value of discipline, importance of regularity and punctuality, cleanliness, self reliance, respect for all with special consideration for elders are cultivated and nurtured in each student. The importance of team spirit is inculcated without forgetting to develop leadership qualities through academics, sports and games as well as other co-curricular activities.