Huge School Campus

The diversification and expansion of the School through adoption of new and topically relevant courses has led to further enhancement of our infrastructure in order to fulfill our growing needs. The institute provides spacious, well-equipped Class Rooms and Departmental Staff-rooms on its sprawling campus. Capacious Activities cum Examination Hall and a Conference room furnished with audiovisual systems are part of the support facilities.

Computer Education

Computers have taken over a major part of human activities and enabled people to have more leisure by reducing his work-load. Computer Education is started from the primary classes and is one of the optional subjects in the Senior Secondary classes. The school has a well equipped computer laboratory and trained teachers to impart computer education at different levels.

Music &Dance

Training of Vocal as well as instrumental music is provided according to the taste and interest of the students from Std. I to XII. 'Indian classical' and 'western dance' are taught in the school by experts to train, guide and help those students interested in this form of art.


Students interested in various musical instruments are given special training to join the school band.

Science Laboratory

The school has a well equipped laboratory of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Maths and Social Studies for the students to experiment and learn because learning by doing makes concrete concept formation.

Huge Play Ground

A big play ground is open for our students during the school hours. The school has facilities for playing basket ball, football, cricket, Kho-Kho and kabadi. Training is given by trained coaches.

Play Equipments

The students of Pre-Primary are provided with play equipments like swings, see-saw, climbing frames etc. to help them to have gross muscular development. They also have various educational class room equipments to develop their aesthetic, language as well as fine muscular development.

Student Performance

School maintains students' performance sheet online that shows the physical, psychological and various developmental aspects of the students.

Parents Meeting

Parents / guardians can meet the principal in his office from 9.00 to 10.00 a.m. on all school working days. Parent-Teachers meetings are organized after each exam to keep the parents in touch with the performance of their wards.

Educational Tour

Students are taken on picnic as part of their education. Educational tours/excursions are organized once in a year for increasing. the horizon of knowledge. In the company of friends students discover and enjoy new experience of watching people, institutions, monuments, places of scientific and historical importance etc.


Various National Festivals and Religious Festivals and important days are celebrated in the school. School Annual Day and Sports Day are celebrated alternatively.